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Taekwon-Do is a martial art that not only demands a lot of the entire body, but also challenges the mind to perform at its best. In addition, Taekwon-Do is a lot of fun and teaches things for life. Get a brief overview of the content below or just drop by at our training times.

What do you do in Taekwon-Do?

Taekwon-Do consists of the following disciplines:

Elementary school = Kibon Yonsup

Shape = tul

Free fight = Chayu Matsoki

Partner training = Sambo Matsoki (3-step fight)

= Ibo Matsoki (2-step fight)

= Ilbo Matsoki (1-step fight)

Self-defense = Hosinsul

Break test = Kyok Pa

Theory = ilon

Behavior = Tedo

The five goals to be achieved in Taekwon-Do are:

1. Courtesy

You should be polite to others, be aware of your own mistakes and not laugh at the mistakes of others.

2. Integrity

You have to be able to differentiate between right and wrong and openly admit your own mistakes.

3. Perseverance

You have to set yourself a goal and strive for it with persistence / patience. The difficulties that arise on the way to the goal should be overcome with perseverance.

4. Self-discipline

Control is very important in Taekwon-Do. The loss of control can have disastrous consequences in combat, for example. The inability to live and act within the framework of one's own ability is also evidence of a lack of self-discipline.

5. Invincibility

A serious student will always be humble and honest. When faced with injustice, he will show his indomitable fighting spirit towards the opponent without fear and without hesitation.

The belt system:

In addition to a dobok (suit consisting of pants and jacket), each combat student wears a ty (belt), which has a different color depending on experience. The combat student receives the next belt after successfully passing an exam.

10. Kup = white belt

9. Kup = white belt with yellow stripes

8. Kup = yellow belt

7. Kup = yellow belt with green stripes

6. Kup = green belt

5. Kup = green belt with blue stripes

4. Kup = blue belt

3. Kup = blue belt with red stripes

2. Kup = red belt

1. Kup = red belt with black stripes

1st - 9th Dan = black belt, master class

Competitions and tournaments:

In training you can quickly find out which combat student has which strengths and weaknesses. In order to increase your experience and your skills, you have to compete with other combat students. To do this, you go to regional, national and international competitions and tournaments. You can participate in the disciplines Tul and Combat, either alone or in a team.

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